Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders

Our lives as Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders is both challenging, as well as a blessing. You might imagine the heart pounding excitement that occurs with every puppy that is born into our world. Who can run from those precious little puppy smells, the barrage of puppy charges every time we enter their play room? And oh – what about those puppy kisses?

Yes, there is a lot to be said about those things, but there are also issues that are sobering and worrisome. Life can often come to a stand still as we wonder if the breeding event went well, or if the mother might be experiencing some sort of discomfort during the 63 days before the puppies are due – and what if they are late? Sleepless nights can inevitably follow.

By far the biggest concern we have is the general health of the puppies. Breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Arizona have a different set of concerns than might happen in other parts of the country. Parvo stays alive in our warm climate through out the year, as there are no harsh winters to kill off this dangerous virus. This causes us to take special steps that other Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders in other geographic areas don’t have to concern themselves with.

Additionally, we contend with scorpions, rattle snakes and the brown recluse – all of which threaten adult dogs, and would likely be fatal to any puppy. Most of these issues are mitigated by raising puppies indoors, yet at some point potty training and life in general will ultimately expose the pups to these dangers.

The genetic health of our dogs is of paramount importance. Hip Dysplasia, Digenerative Myelopathy and other genetic issues are thoroughly screened before any breeding takes place. Its important for us because we often keep puppies from our own litters for the future of our kennel. Thus, the puppy buyer benefits from our often neurotic concern for their health and conformation.

Puppies temperaments are individually evaluated so that the right puppy is selected for the right family. Ridgebacks are a unique breed, making the 8 week stay with us before going to a new home a crucial evaluation period. Please do not expect to merely select a puppy that you think is the best match. This method is why rescue houses have more dogs than they can handle. You will be far better served by letting us, who know the breed, and the unique characteristics they possess, make that all important puppy/family match.